Communication Foundations Part 1

 Mark Twain said, “Most conversation is a monologue in the presence of witnesses.”

It’s a fond reminder that effective communication is more than what you say. It’s presenting yourself and your message to have the most positive impact on people to get the results you really want in work and life.

It also reminds us, communication always goes two ways. We need to connect with people, sooner rather than later, to have the best effect on them. Do this well and you go far beyond Twain’s fear of monologues that missed the mark.

You gain influence, strengthen trust, build relationships, and you get results. That’s what we cover in this course. How to present yourself and your message and how to connect with people to have positive impact, both in the moment, even under stress and pressure, and consistently across situations.

The action tools we cover apply across all important communication events, formal or informal, conversations, meetings or presentations.

Let’s get started.

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