Work Drivers Basics

Understanding Work Drivers

In order for a company to generate engagement it must first know what are the main motivators of their collaborators to be working. Knowing this, will give us a better insight as of what can our company offer to our collaborators when it comes to their needs and goals in life, weather is for Monetary reasons, Growth opportunities or Experience.

What is a Work Driver?


A Work Driver is the main motivation as of why a collaborator decided to look for a job. These are identified from two branches: Development reasons (which could be identified as the collaborators need to better their English, or curricular reasons) and Financial reasons (these are focused on paying for living expenses, school, family etc).

They are then divided into 3 categories: Monetary, Growth, and Experience.

Below you will be able to see a matrix on how to determine if its for development reasons or financial reasons:

Once you have successfully determined their work motivator whether Development or Financial, We can focus on their driver: Monetary, Growth, or Experience.


Monetary Reasons:

  • The main motivation for these collaborators is being able to have a financial stability in which they would be able to pay for their living expenses, their dependants or school. These collaborators have to be constantly be motivated into earning more, reminded into making sales and the benefits of selling as well as making sure that they are taking a full bonus.


Growth Reasons:

  • The main motivation for these collaborators is being able to feel a sense of growth as their tenure increases. These collaborators have to be constantly reminded of the programs like Bsteps, Blu and also tenure bonuses, hikers is a must for these collaborators, assure that their performance is continuously improving.


Experience Reasons:

  • The main motivation for these collaborators is being able to gain experience in order to gain a better curriculum. These collaborators have to be motivated and continually focused on the career path they want to follow, they are able to complete Blu, which has a curricular value given by the Director of Human Resources, and all the benefits of being able to be in the program of Bcareers.

Scenario 1

-- Monetary Reasons--

Miguel Carrillo is 22 year old and he is studying international business, he is from Michoacan, he lives with 2 roomates, works 24 hours and wants to earn more money because he is not able to pay for his school alone, his parents help with some of the expenses but not all.   He is thinking of increasing his working hours but his school load won’t allow him to work more than the 24 hours.

Scenario 2

-- Experience Reasons--

Sara Palma is in her last semester of tourism and she is going to be going to school, working, and going to be doing her social service. She needs to assure that she is going to be able to do all three otherwise she would have to quit work. She has 2 months in the company and has a mid performance. She started working because she wanted to better her english level.

Scenario 3

--Growth Reasons--

Jesus Lara is 25 years old and has been working in the company for 6 months now, he has experience in staff position in another call center, and intends to be a trainer, he is a top performer and wants to start selling. He lives alone and has a career in industrial engineer he wants to later on work on his profession. He likes to travel and do social work.

Why is this important?

It is crucial that we know our collaborators intention of working, this to assure that our company will be able to adapt to their needs and to promote our programs thus, generating engagement with our collaborators.  

To finalize, you must complete the following document, with the information of each team members work driver with the document below. (Please make copy)

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